Pound stretcher store opens in dubai

British bargain-basement store Poundstretcher has flung open its doors to savvy shoppers in Dubai who love a discount deal.

The iconic British high-street shop, which opened at Madina Mall in Al Qusais, Dubai, yesterday, has kept its ‘every penny counts’ motto on the signs and the £-stretcher logo above the door – even though every deal is in dirhams.

“We did some research and thought about calling it ‘Dirhamstretcher,” brand director Cliff Lomberg told 7DAYS. “There’s that affinity people have in the UK with Poundstretcher – a ‘mysticism’ to it – so the owner plumped for Poundstretcher here.”

• • •
With Dubai more renowned for pink Lamborghinis and gold-plated iPhones, how is Poundstretcher going to do business?

“That’s the point!” insisted Lomberg. “Sixty seven per cent of the population are low-paid workers.”

Hannah O’Connor, 25, from Portsmouth, England, was one of the first supersavers through the door.

“Dubai can be an expensive place,” she said.

“Poundstretcher is cheap and got everything under one roof.” Duncan Hare did a quick sweep of his own to fill 7DAYS basket with seven eye-catching goodies…

SHAMPOO SHINE: Because you’re worth it. Who needs L’Oreal when you can Rejoice with luscious locks for just Dhs3. This is one of the cheapest items in the store.

SWEATY PALMS: Anyone got a thermo­meter? 39 degrees, you say. Might have missed a trick here, Poundstret­cher, this isn’t Blighty…At Dhs6, gloves might be perfect for Ski Dubai though. (Pictured)

BACK TO YOUR ROOTS: Modelled by Brit Hannah O’Connor who was getting all patriotic. This Union flag wall hanging will make any room brighter. A snip at Dhs48. (Pictured)

TOP DOG: Pamper your precious pooch with a hot handbag perfect for every Jumeirah Jane’s little lovely. Make poodles pretty in pink for just Dhs12. Love it.

PENNYPINCHER: Ahead of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend, what better way to keep your dirhams safe and sound than in Her Majesty’s very own moneybox, costing just Dhs6.

SUITS YOU SIR: Look like David Beckham without forking out LA Galaxy prices. These Calvin Classics will catapult a mere Dhs24 from your bank account. Pant-tastic.

FIRESTARTER: At Dhs720, a fireplace was the most expensive thing we could find in the store. Perfect for those freezing winter nights when you can curl up wearing your lovely pink mittens… hang on a sec! (Pictured)


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