In pictures : Dubai then and now

Sheikh Zayed Road, 1995

Photographer: Gulf News; observed by Asad Azizi, 29, Iranian, who has lived in Dubai all his life.

This picture was snapped from the World Trade Centre, not long after the Crowne Plaza hotel was built – when they first proposed building it, everyone thought it was a mad idea to build a hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road. You’ll also notice that there were no interchanges on the old road.”


Sheikh Zayed Road today


Burj Al Arab, 1997

Photographer: Malcolm Murphy, 64, British, who has lived in Dubai for almost 18 years.

This is a fish-eye view from the sea, looking up at the enormous structure rising from the Arabian Gulf waters. It’s an interesting shot of the helipad under construction – I’d never have believed the likes of Roger Federer and Tiger Woods would eventually play on top of the building. The hotel officially opened in 1999.”

Burj Al Arab today


Dubai Airport, 1980s

Photographer: Graeme Wilson, 42, British, who has lived in Dubai for 22 years.

I took this photo on a visit to Dubai. The city was just starting to progress: Sheikh Zayed Road was still Abu Dhabi Road and there was one lane in each direction. The airport, as it looked then, was palatial – we wondered why Dubai needed such a plush airport. Dubai International Airport will become the world’s busiest international airport in the next few years. But I cherish the fact that I was here when Sheikh Rashid was just embarking upon his project to shape a 21st-century miracle. He did it.’


Dubai Airport today


Dubai Creek Yacht Club, 1995

Photographer: Lulu Skidmore, 49, British, who has lived in Dubai for 21 years.

Back then there wasn’t much around this building other than the creek on one side, the golf club and a car park. I remember thinking that not only was the Yacht Club built to look like a yacht, but it also had an amazing aquarium restaurant inside. It became my favourite place. Now it’s surrounded by the Park Hyatt hotel and other luxury villas and developments.’


Dubai Creek Yacht Club today


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