Spar International sales reach €32 billion

Spar International has reported worldwide retail sales growth of 2.8% in 2012 to €32 billion. The retail chain has operations in 34 countries with plans to expand to 36 in 2013 with supermarkets scheduled to open in Qatar and Lebanon. Spar’s global operations include 12,322 stores internationally.

Speaking at the 58th International Spar congress in Killarney last week, managing director Dr. Gordon Campbell said Spar experienced another year of continued growth, along with celebrating the 80th anniversary since its foundation. Austria is by far the largest Spar country with retail sales of €5.560 billion. South Africa is the second largest Spar country by turnover with sales in 2012 of € 4.563 billion. Italy has €3.611 billion and the United Kingdom is worth €3.149 billion. The remainder of the top twelve Spar countries have retail sales in the region of €1 billion to €1.5 billion. Spar China and Russia both surpassed the €1 billion sales barrier in 2012.

Introducing the new Spar International strategy “Growing our Future Together”, Dr. Campbell informed the congress delegates that international expansion has been a strategic goal of Spar International since its establishment in 1953. “We seek to work with local partners who have the vision and capability of providing modern food retailing in their local market and who subscribe to the Spar retailing principles.” Spar International says it will continue to work in developing markets with a key focus on Russia, China and the Middle East to expand the partner network. In each market, Spar International promotes a multi-format retail strategy of hypermarkets, supermarkets, neighbourhood stores and convenience stores.


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