The Original Factory Shop names former Asda boss as new chief executive

By Graham Ruddick8:00PM BST 09 Jun 2013Comment
Tony Page, most recently a director at cycling accessories retailer Wiggle, will replace Angela Spindler, who is joining catalogue fashion retailer N Brown.
The Original Factory Shop has almost 200 stores in the UK but has significant expansion plans as it seeks to cash in on the popularity of discount retailers.
Mr Page worked for Asda for 12 years until 2006, before joining Woolworths as commercial and marketing director.
Mr Page was working for Woolworths when the retailer called in administrators in 2008. The demise of the famous retail chain has allowed discount retailers such as the Original Factory Shop to prosper as they have picked up stores and customers from Woolworths.
Other previous roles for Mr Page include running the Lloyds Pharmacy chain, and taking an interim role at Wiggle to help the cycling retailer expand in the UK and abroad.

The Original Factory Shop is owned by Duke Street Capital, which is thought to be preparing for a sale of the retailer, although any move this year is unlikely.
The retailer has said its sales are growing by more than 5pc a year and that it is one of the fastest growing shop chains in the UK.
It was formed in 1969 out of Peter Black Holdings – one the biggest suppliers to Marks & Spencer – when it started selling surplus M&S stock.
The Original Factory Shop now sells a range of discounted products, from Tefal through to Next and M&S clothing.
Ms Spindler, who could collect as much as £4m over the next three years as a “golden hello” for joining N Brown, had said the Original Factory Shop has identified 400 locations across the country where it could expand.
The company employs 2,600 workers across 184 stores.


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