Price comparison site launches in UAE

Dubai:, a price comparison site, has officially launched its UAE platform on Tuesday.
Launched in Egypt in 2012, the site provides consumers information on a product, including price, reviews, and retail locations. It offers a range of products, such as consumer electronics, cosmetics, clothes and accessories sourced from both online fashion brands and e-commerce sites. These include,,, Carrefour, as well as H&M and Zara.
Through price comparison, the site aims to help consumers make the best choice when shopping for a product.
“We are giving consumers the best value for money,” Mahmoud Abdel Fattah, founder of told Gulf News.
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He says retailers are not bothered that their prices are being compared with that of other retailers.
“The price comparison creates hard competition. But as the e-commerce market becomes mature and saturated, retailers want traffic [to their site],” he said.
The site hopes to attract retailers that are not very well-known.
The process of getting onto the site to start selling is simple.
For retailers that have an online presence, uses a tool to extract data on inventory and pricing from their sites. But offline retailers that don’t have a website are required to upload a file, containing the required data, to the site; and after approval, they can sign up and create an account on the site and start selling. is invested by Jabbar Internet Group, one of the region’s largest online investors.
The site expects to expand its offerings to include food and beverages by the next quarter, Fattah said.


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