Superquinn name to be changed to SuperValu

Musgrave has announced all 24 Superquinn stores will change to SuperValu by February 2014

Musgrave has announced today that it will be changing the name of its Superquinn stores to SuperValu from February 2014. The move will mean the 24 Superquinn stores will become SuperValu over the next 18 months. 102 jobs at the Superquinn support office in Lucan will be lost due to the change. However, the 2,500 store staff will not be affected.

Musgrave says its decision creates an unrivalled national Irish retail brand, enabling more shoppers to access SuperValu’s offer, while incorporating the best of Superquinn. The company says it will invest €10 million to complete the refurbishment of the Superquinn store network. Chris Martin, Musgrave Group CEO, said: “Combining our SuperValu and Superquinn stores creates an unrivalled Irish retail brand, enabling shoppers to access SuperValu’s offer nationally, while incorporating the best of Superquinn. We understand that some customers will be sad to see the Superquinn name change. However, the decision follows a considered review of all options and is an inevitable next step given the realities of a totally changed grocery market and what the Irish consumer now needs.”

Martin said that Musgrave has invested €15 million over the last two years and it plans to introduce the SuperValu own-brand range into the Superquinn stores. The range consists of over 2,000 products. Martin said: “Shoppers will benefit from an improved in-store experience, better choice and value. Importantly, consumers will continue to enjoy all that they love from Superquinn’s heritage including its in-store ambience, great range, food experts and quality products such as the famous Superquinn sausage.

“SuperValu has grown by 30% over the last 10 years and achieves annual retail sales of just over €2 billion. With the addition of Superquinn, one in four Irish consumers will shop at the expanded network of 222 stores. In the coming months new ranges, store revamps and improved value will also be introduced. The conversion to SuperValu will be completed in February 2014 with all stores continuing to be owned and operated by Musgrave.”


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