International retail executives summit to be held in Dubai from September 8.

Regional and international retail executives will come together to discuss new approaches to compete for shoppers at a summit to be held in Dubai from September 8.

The two-day InRetail Summit will focus on the challenges of standing out in a crowded market and how to create new customer experience and valuable products that match shoppers’ needs.

“Retailers have to rethink the way they interact with and attract shoppers to their outlets. The trend is now for retailers to adopt an omnichannel approach,” said Ayaz Maqbool, managing director of, a UAE-based online shopping mall.

Omnichannel is not a new concept. International retailers have been shifting their focus on reaching and attracting shoppers in multiple ways with the most popular being digitally. With the rise in the use of smart phones and high internet penetration rates in the Middle East, this trend is set to translate into consumers accessing real-time information to research and purchase goods without being physically present.

“Retailers who adopt omnichannel strategies have the advantage of connecting with consumers anytime, anywhere and any place giving shoppers the option to purchase in the store, online or even through their mobile phone,” said Maqbool.

Oke Eleazu, director of Customer Service at Sainsbury’s, UK, said: “Retailers will have to refocus their efforts in creating new customer experiences coupled with providing excellent customer service face to face and online.”

“This event provides the industry with the perfect opportunity to learn what technologies and strategies retailers are using to compete for customers in this ever increasing market,” said Mona Ataya, CEO of


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