Dubai’s Landmark Group plans 40 more Sports One stores by 2016

Retail and hospitality conglomerate Landmark Group is set to expand with the announcement it will add 40 stores under its Sports One brand across the GCC by 2016.

With six stores currently in operation, plans are underway to expand its network.

However, the company has made no mention of where the new stores will be located.

The concept has been developed by a team of specialists, with a thorough study of the current market offerings to identify gaps and opportunities in the sports retail sector, it said.

Vipen Sethi, CEO of Landmark Group, said: “The Landmark Group’s foray into the sports retail sector was an important milestone that allowed us to expand and diversify our existing portfolio.

“Our endeavor to continue investing in Sports One is a testament to the success the brand has registered in the region and reinforces our commitment to bringing new and innovative concepts to our customers.

“Given the fact that the region hosts some of the world’s top billed sporting events and attracts dedicated supporters, our presence in the sports retail sector will significantly contribute to furthering the GCC’s ambitious growth plans as a sporting hub.”

Sports One first opened the doors of its flagship store in December 2012 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with UAE launches earlier this year.

Shivam Goyal, Business Head, Sports One said: “The launch of Sports One in December 2012 came on the back of our market research that indicated a definite gap in the sports retail sector. Since then, we have been able to identify the needs of our target consumers and further narrow this gap by providing best-in-class sporting products and specialized services that meet the requirements of every kind of customer.”


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