Accessory brand, Mat & May, opens kiosk in Cavendish Square, Cape Town

Accessory brand, Mat & May, opens kiosk in Cavendish Square, Cape Town

Accessory brand, Mat & May launched its new fashion kiosk in Cavendish Square Mall in Cape Town earlier this month.

The brain child of The Foschini Group, Mat & May has caught the attention of fashionistas around the country since its launch in April, attracting men and women that are more trend aware and are looking for accessories with a difference. “Customers who purchase our products want items that are on trend and are of high quality” said Marketing Merchandiser Renee New. “We satisfy this need and do it in a fun way.”

The opening of a funky new kiosk was the next step in taking the brand further in the a new, exciting retail space to ensure it stays top of mind for the style conscious consumer. “There is no limiting ourselves, we adapt to our environment and go wherever we believe we need to be” said New. “Cavendish Square attracts a fashion savvy shopper and Mat & May offers the perfect range of trendy accessories to suit this customer.”

All stores sell local Mat & May branded items and well-known international branded eyewear such as Rayban, Police and Guess. New additions to this international range include luxury labels like Diesel Michael Kors and Armani Emporio.

Mat & May works closely with a global partner as well as their local buying team who travel abroad frequently to stay abreast of international trends before they hit the mainstream. Keeping ahead of all that is hot and happening is the key focus as it allows them to offer a unique product mix that can both create and finish the fashionista look.

“Trends change so quickly and this creates a lot of room for fun for us to play with. Every six weeks, we redesign and update our store to suit a new, trend-hitting theme,“ said New. Christmas holiday shoppers can enjoy ‘Art School’ theme this December, which offers an array of pop-art inspired, brightly coloured accessories, perfect for the beach or poolside party.

The guests at the Cavendish Kiosk were the first to see Mat & May’s fashion head-turning forecast for 2014. According to New, colour and pattern will continue to drive the season next year. As we move into deeper winter, the colour palette will warm to richer jeweled tones mixed with strong monochromatic geometrical and graphical lines touched with gold. Print inspiration taken from Aztec maps and atlas’s will inform 2014’s trends as travel becomes a hot top. “The old school Hollywood movie glamour of ‘lights, camera, action’ will also play a large role in fashion next year” said New.

With plans to open more stores and kiosks next year, Mat & May continue to set the benchmark for lust-have fashion accessories for 2014. With the new year around the corner, update your look with fun, affordable accessories that are one step ahead of the rest, curated by Mat & May.



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