Wendy’s sells 70 restaurants in Dallas area

Dublin, Ohio — The Wendy’s Company announced the sale of 70 restaurants in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex to Texas-based MUY Hamburger Partners, a Wendy’s franchisee. The transaction is designed to promote new restaurant growth and reimaging, while generating a more predictable revenue stream for the company.

Wendy’s is geographically concentrating its restaurant ownership through the sale of about 415 company-operated restaurants in 13 U.S. markets, primarily in the West. The company has completed the market-by-market sale of 314 restaurants so far, and now expects to complete all of the sales by the end of the first quarter 2014.

With the purchase of the Dallas-Ft. Worth restaurants, MUY Hamburger Partners, will now operate a total of 87 Wendy’s restaurants in Texas. The purchase agreement includes a commitment to reimage selected restaurants in Wendy’s contemporary new store design, as well as development plans for new restaurants.


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