Caffè Nero invests €20 million in expansion into ROI

European coffee house, Caffè Nero, opened its first store in the Republic of Ireland on 13 March, creating eight new jobs. The launch into Dublin represents an investment of €20million into the Irish economy over the course of the next five years, creating a total of 320 jobs.

Headquartered in London, Caffè Nero Group Ltd was founded in 1997 by Gerry Ford. With one of its taglines being, “The best espresso this side of Milan”, the family-owned group is currently the largest independent coffee retailer in Europe, with more than 650 stores, operating across seven countries.

The company operates its own roastery, where it says it creates the unique espresso blend which is the foundation for every cup of coffee it serves.

The European brand has won accolades for the quality of its coffee and the overall Caffè Nero experience, most recently winning ‘best tasting coffee’ on the high street by independent consumer magazine Which? The company is keen to point out that this success is replicated across Europe with the brand performing well in all territories in which it operates. Most recently, in 2013, Green Caffè Nero was voted “the best independent coffee shop brand in Poland” as part of the Food Business Awards.

Speaking about the opening of the new Dublin store located on Merrion Row, Gerry Ford, chairman and founder of Caffè Nero said: “We are delighted to be introducing Caffè Nero and the entire Caffè Nero experience to Dublin coffee drinkers for the very first time. Our premises on Merrion Row allows us to begin the journey of sharing our award-winning blends and the hours of craftsmanship that go into each cup, with coffee lovers at the centre of this beautiful city. We plan to introduce further Caffè Nero coffee houses to Ireland over time.”

Along with serving its handcrafted coffee, Caffè Nero says it aims to bring a European coffee house atmosphere and cosy neighbourhood gathering spot for locals, including local residents, the surrounding workforce and tourists alike.


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