Crocs India to reach out to a wider consumer base through multiple franchise partners

Innovative casual footwear brand Crocs India is setting foot in towns like Siliguri, Sikkim and Coimbatore through local partnership. The brand has already yjytmade a mark in the metros and now it is focusing on tier 1 and 2 towns where it hopes to strengthen its presence throughnk the franchise model.

Crocs took the global footwear market by storm with the massive success of its iconic clog in 2002. The footwear major has sold more than 200 million pairs of shoes in more than 90 countries around the world. In India too, Crocs has grown into a formidable brand in the fun footwear category and plans to cross the 100 stores benchmark.

Crocs India, as a strategy has always used local expertise to grow the brand. The brand has always been selective about choosing its partners, even replicating the same strategy in the online space through exclusive partnerships with only two leading online aggregators i.e. and However, after consistent support from all quarters, the brand now plans to explore new partnerships in retail.

Nissan Joseph, General Manager, Crocs India
Mr. Nissan Joseph, General Manager, Crocs India adds, “We at Crocs have always believed in the value addition our multiple partners bring to the brand. They understand the local markets better and their expertise helps us offer the right mix of products to our customers. As we move into our next phase of expansion, we are aiming for a wider national reach and for this we want to explore more retail partnerships. The idea is to leverage their expertise in local understanding of what customers want.” Crocs began its operations in India in the year 2007. It now has 34 exclusive stores (including kiosks and factory outlets) in the country. Crocs products are also available in more than 15 cities across India in more than 300 multi-brand outlets.

Having tasted great success with this model, Crocs believes that the strategy will allow the brand to target the different needs of different consumers across the length and breadth of India. In this phase of expansion, Crocs aims to take the range across the country and reach out to a much wider audience base.


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