Zappos opens first brick-and-mortar store

Amazon-owned Zappos has opened a 20,000 sq-ft store near its Las Vegas headquarters.

The e-retailer’s first-ever physical store is a pop-up developed with logistics company OrderWithMe that will be open 24-7 from Nov. 21 to Dec. 31, and that features entertainment and food and drinks.

At the “ Pop-Up Shop Showroom Store,” shoppers can scan items at kiosks or on their phone to check inventory, including various colors and sizes. Items not in the store can be shipped.

Dive Insight:

Zappos is known for its nimble e-commerce logistics, attractive shipping policies, and excellent customer service. The retailer is apparently taking that customer-friendly approach to its first brick-and-mortar venture. This is another example of how e-retailers often demonstrate brick-and-mortar innovations that traditional physical retailers may want to emulate.


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