Lululemon expanding children’s brand

Dive Brief:
After expanding its offerings to men, Lululemon Athletica has turned to expanding its brand for young children as its next market.

Its Ivivva Athletica brand, first launched in 2009 in Canada, has seen Q3 sales grow 37% and Q2 sales grow 36% in the quarter, and will open 20 more stores this month.

Ivivva Athletica offers sports bras, leggings, yoga pants, leotards, jackets, and hoodies using Lululemon’s patented materials in sizes 4 to 14.

The company and many analysts view the children’s market, which includes children as young as six, to be helpful to Lululemon’s bottom line after several missteps and increased competition that have dinged its prospects in the last year or two.

The question is whether the company can continue to sell its clothes for younger girls at the premium prices it charges — less expensive than its flagship brand but more than that offered by other retailers, which could also begin to boost its offerings for younger people. Also vexing are reports that some of the clothes have seen the pilling issues that Lululemon aficionados have complained about in the past



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