Selfridges launches Bright Old Things campaign

In a twist on its annual Bright Young Things scheme, Selfridges has introduced Bright Old Things – readjusting the lens with which we view creative talent and removing age restrictions.

With the ages of the participating artists, designers, musicians and entrepreneurs ranging from late 40s to mid 80s, Selfridges acknowledges that ‘old’ is as subjective as it is irrelevant. Hand-picked talents, some who will be instantly recognisable, and some entirely new names, have been chosen to take part on the basis that they have undergone a ‘retirement renaissance’, a complete career change or an inspiring step into the unknown. The compelling line-up includes an exchartered accountant who became an artist in his sixties, an architect-turned-topiarist, and a product designer who has become a YouTube sensation with his vlog ‘Earth News For Space.’

Each participant has been given a dedicated Oxford Street window with which to give the million people who pass by them every week an intimate insight into their creative visions. Special events spotlighting their work are taking place throughout the scheme, including a soon-to-be-announced special programme for London Collections: Men, whilst products from selected Bright Old Things will be sold in-store and online.



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