Fendi prepares for ecommerce with new Web site

Fendi's new Web site

Fendi’s new Web site

Italian fashion house Fendi is updating its online image with a new Web site that streamlines navigation and caters to consumers’ needs.

The brand has released a new ecommerce feature for its European sites, and the Web site redesign was likely in preparation for this addition. By staying up-to-date on the latest technology, Fendi is ensuring its consumers that it is committed to making their online experience as enjoyable as possible.

“The new site has plenty of gorgeous imagery, videos and some nice interactions,” said Fadi Shuman, co-founder of Born Group, New  York. “There is a lovely simplicity to it which at the same time feels modern.

“The new Fendi site has taken the more classic left-hand navigation approach, which isn’t as common as it used to be,” he said. “I actually think this helps to lend the site a more a authentic tone where they’re not trying too hard be the edgiest and most innovative. 

“In fact they are taking a sensible, usable and rather respectful approach to user experience. Let us not forget their target audience is going to be more mature.”

Mr. Shuman is not affiliated with Fendi, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Fendi was unable to respond by press deadline.

Fendi fiesta
Fendi has kept its consumers informed about its upcoming ecommerce feature. At the beginning of the year the Italian fashion house announced that it will soon offer global ecommerce after an inital launch in Europe.

fendi website 2The new Web site features Fendi’s signature color

Fendi’s CEO Pietro Beccari told Women’s Wear Daily of the impending launch moments before the runway presentation of the brand’s menswear began in Paris. Offering ecommerce extends a label’s reach beyond the traditional retail radius and allows the consumer to interact with the brand how they feel most comfortable (see story).

Fendi’s new Web site features a yellow menu in its signature color on the left side of the page. The menu lists options such as “woman,” “man,” “kids,” “the magic of Fendi,” “casa,” which refers to housewares, and others.

fendi website 3The 3Baguette bag has its own section on the site

The homepage opens on a video clip of the latest fashion show with models walking down the runway and the words, “welcome to the new Fendi.com” written in white across the center of the screen. Users are then given the option to scroll down to experience more of the site.

Some of the features available include the option to watch a full video recording of the fashion show or to participate in the online auction of Fendi’s 3Baguette Project in which celebrities design their own versions of the classic Fendi Baguette bag. While the ecommerce feature has not yet been released in the United States, consumers do have the opportunity to view the different collections online.

fendi website 5Consumers can view Fendi’s products in a clear and easy way

Perhaps the most unique element of the site is the “magic of Fendi” section, which offers information on the history of the brand, custom orders and Fendi’s public works project to restore Rome’s fountains. This gives users a chance to see a more intimate side of the brand and form a more substantial connection.

The previous Web site did not include all of this information but rather linked to microsites that shared the content individually. By uniting its content under one site, Fendi is making navigation easier for consumers and improving their experience of the brand.

fendi website 4The brand included facts about its charity projects and heritage

Modern modifications
Other Italian fashion labels have also been updating their online presence. For example, Marni amplified the efforts for its 20th anniversary with a new Web site design that blends content and commerce.

Marni worked with Yoox Group, which has powered its ecommerce since its launch in 2006, to improve the user experience with a new image-lead layout that encourages brand discovery. As Marni continues to commemorate its milestone, having a Web site where consumers can easily explore past projects and brand history will help get consumers involved in the celebration (see story).

Fendi’s new Web site will certainly help the brand keep up with its competitors. It will also allow the brand to connect with consumers by providing them with an enjoyable online experience.

“The advantages of having all aspects of the site integrated together on one site are huge,” Mr. Shuman said. “It means that brands can tell a story and engage their customers beyond singular conversation. 

“All brands must win a customer’s heart before they win their minds, and to do this they must create an emotional connection. This is done via all manner of content .

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