schuh launches new concept store at Bluewater

schuh has unveiled its new interior retail concept, twentyFIFTEEN, at its Bluewater store in Kent. The redesign has been masterminded by MRA Architecture & Interior Design.

The design team also took influence from the work of contemporary artists Aakash Nihalani and Will Dorner to develop a concept based on improved sightlines, simple modular forms, bold colour, low-tech construction techniques and sustainable materials. One of the most contraversial changes is the adaption of the classic schuh lozenge. The team devised a graphic treatment of shooting tangential lines and overlapping tonal fields-starburst.

schuh is renowned for its wide range of brands and breadth of product, however this can present some visual merchandising difficulties. MRA addressed these issues by introducing lightweight modular midfloor units that are now shoppable form all sides. These units make the perimeter system work harder and together these elements increase visibility for the customer. 

schuch was an early adopter of the multi-channel approach to retailing and this new concept showcases all of these assets. Digital kiosks are located throughout the store for product look-up and sales transactions further enhancing the brand experience. ‘The new design brings together all of the technology projects that we’ve been working on for the last couple of years under one roof. This really does allow us to deliver a streamlined customer journey and to lever all the benefits we get from being an omnichannel retailer,’ explains Phil Whittle, head of store operations, schuh. 

The twentyFIFTEEN concept will form the blueprint for all new schuh stores going forward.‘In developing the twentyFIFTEEN concept, MRA was first and foremost inspired by schuh as a people-centred company. It’s a business with a very open and inclusive vision, great product choice and wide customer appeal, supported at all levels by a highly motivated and knowledgeable workforce,’ says Anshu Srivastava, managing director of MRA. 




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