H&M unveils Conscious Capsule Lounge pop-up at Oxford Circus

FormRoom has worked with H&M to transform the Lounge on the store’s fourth floor at its Oxford Circus store into a Conscious Capsule Space. For the re-activation of its conscious message globally, H&M wanted to create a space in its flagship store in the UK.

The team wanted to keep the space fairly clean and simple with a limited colour palette. The first idea was to have the ‘Closed loop’, which is such an important part of the H&M Conscious campaign, vinyled onto the floor so visitors could follow this path to navigate through the space. 

The space seeks to communicate the brand’s Conscious message to its customers. Visitors realise the steps they are taking to provide more sustainable and environmentally conscious fashion alternatives. The aim is for customers to be able to find out more through media content and interaction in a gallery/exhibition space. 

The shop-fit was kept minimal with lots of white and a touch of plywood. Interaction was incorporated through a touch screen, a video wall and a live social media feed. Visitors are encouraged to take a selfie in the bespoke photo booth designed by FormRoom, sharing their photos using the hashtag #Hmclosetheloop for a chance to win a prize. 

FormRoom created a world map from plywood with CNC to get across the transport message and built simple frames to suspend the clothes in. The central installation was made using unwanted garments that the team cut into strips and threaded through hexagon mounts.



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