A new online pound shop has launched – with a catch.

The pound shop is selling items for a quid online, so you don’t even have to go into a shop to find a bargain. But there are some rules

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A new online pound shop has launched – with a catch.

Bargain hunters visiting the new Poundworld Plus website will need to spend a minimum of £20.

Then there is the £3.95 delivery charge – or from £5.95 if you plump for the next day service.

The site has been launched by family-run discounter Poundworld, which has 270 high street shops.

The cyber store has more than 4,000 cut price products, including favourite household brands such as Colgate, Coca Cola and Johnsons.

Despite its name, there will also be more than 1,000 items costing more than a quid.

Deliveries across Europe are planned for later this summer.

Yorkshire based Poundworld is run by father and son Chris Edwards and son Chris Edwards Junior.

The other version

Chris Edwards Junior, trading director at Poundworld Retail, said: “Value and convenience are top priorities for the UK shopper. There is a huge consumer demand for an online store that delivers good, transparent value and consistent prices that the shopper can trust.”

“As a retailer it’s important for us to constantly progress and evolve with the times and so we’ve had a dedicated team working on the site for over one year to ensure that the shopping experience we are offering is easy to use.

“No other online discounter on the market can offer the same amazing product range and value and we’re excited to expand in to Europe later in the year.”

Poundworld had previously worked withe Steve Smith, founder of rival Poundland, to launch another online venture but pulled out in August last year.

The delivery charges are even more for heavy items.

Products weighing up to 60kg cost £12.95 to mainland Britain, and as much as £29.95 to Ireland.

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