Mulberry commemorates Paris store opening with social content

Mulberry spring/summer 2015 campaign image

Mulberry spring/summer 2015 campaign image

British leather goods maker Mulberry is celebrating the opening of its new Paris flagship store with an animated social video.

The fashion label moved its Parisian boutique down the street from 207 to 275 Rue Saint-Honoré. While not a dramatic move, promoting the relocation on social media will help ensure that consumers do not miss the store as they are looking to shop with the brand.

Moving in
On April 27, Mulberry shared a YouTube video with its social media fans, letting them know it had arrived. At the beginning, text in French is subtitled in English, instructing the viewer to “follow us.”

A woman and girl stand outside Mulberry’s store in London on New Bond Street. The girl lets go of a Mulberry-logoed balloon and it soars above Big Ben and the London Eye, eventually passing a Parisian hotel room’s open window overlooking the Eiffel Tower and an outdoor café.

The balloon finally floats through the doors to Mulberry’s new boutique.

Mulberry has arrived at 275 Rue Saint-Honoré

On social media, Mulberry also linked to a Mulberry Loves Paris page of its Web site, which delves into the boutique. Here, consumers can read about the monogramming bar central to the store, as well as the brand’s “English sensibilities” reflected through the space.

Also in celebration, an article on Mulberry’s blog uses photos to compare the construction between the brand’s Bayswater bag and the Eiffel Tower. A second post shares an interview with artist Genevieve Bennett, who created leather panels for the new store.

Mulberry EiffelPhoto from Mulberry’s blog post

Brands often include their loyal fans in store openings, whether in-person or remotely.

In 2014, French apparel and accessories brand Longchamp feted its store opening on the Champs Elysées in Paris with a live-stream of the event and social media content.

“Longchamp-Elysées” kicked off on Dec. 4 with a Twitter talk with campaign model Alexa Chung, followed by evening festivities, including celebrity appearances. These efforts will help to involve consumers in a big brand moment, as it opens its largest store yet (

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