French underwear brand Le Slip Francais opens flagship store in HK

French underwear brand Le Slip Francais opened its flagship store in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

Located at the Upper Station Street of Sheung Wan, the new boutique features a variety collection of men’s briefs, boxer shorts, socks, T-shirts, slippers, as well as water-proof bags.

“Le Slip Francais is more than a brand of underwear. We are a dynamic enterprise fuses French manufacturing tradition and expertise with a modern twist and a sense of humour,” said Guillaume Gibault, founder of Le Slip Francais.

The underwear brand has created a trend “Made in France 3.0” – an incorporation of traditional French manufacturing processes with today’s latest communication tools, according to Gibault.

Ever since its launch in 2011, Le Slip Francais has established partnerships with a number of brands, opened two pop-up stores, set up flagship stores in Paris and Hong Kong, and amassed a social media following of thousands of fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“We now have 10k Twitter followers, 7k Instagram fans and 50k followers in Facebook,” said Gibault.

The brand recently celebrated the sale of its 60,000th garment – one of over 120 different lines, created in one of 15 workshops across France.

The company has been expanding fast ever since it’s set up. It has tripled in size in 2013, and doubled in 2014. The young entrepreneur has an ambitious plan to expand the footprint of the brand across the world: “Le Slip Francais is setting out to conquer the world, starting with Asia and the US.”   


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