Nordstrom rolls out text shopping initiative


As m-commerce booms, retailers have been honing in on ways to engage with consumers through smart devices, for example via photo sharing app Snapchat.

Now Nordstrom, the American retailer, has  launched ‘TextStyle’ across all of of its 116 US store, a way for customers to make curated purchases from sales advisors and personal stylists using text messaging. With the launch of TextStyle, Nordstrom is now the only retail company in the US that offers customers who opt in, the ability to shop and buy with a text message.

In 2014, the upmarket retailer launched NEXT, an opt-in, secure one-to-one service that lets Nordstrom customers who prefer texting to communicate with their salesperson using their smartphone. TextStyle leverages the security, privacy and capabilities built into the Nordstrom NEXT texting service.

“TextStyle is an important step forward in our continued efforts to develop ways to serve customers on their terms,” said Jamie Nordstrom, President of Stores. “For customers who prefer text messaging, TextStyle is a way for our salespeople to provide a personalised styling experience and for customers to view and buy seamlessly with the convenience and simplicity of a text message, wherever and whenever they like.”

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