H&M are coming to South Africa!

You can finally buy H&M clothes without a plane ticket or a friend bringing them back from London.

Despite living at the tip of Africa, we are still able to look internationally fabulous, not just thanks to our wonderful local designers, but also since big brands are being imported and available for our shopping pleasure.  
  Zara, Top Shop, Forever 21, River Island… Once these brands were just a distant dream, but now they are available throughout the country, and the list just got better.
We all heard the rumours, but now there is tangible evidence that proves it is true. According to Womenstuff, the very first South African H&M store will be opening in Sandton City shopping mall.
Sandton City took to their Facebook page to announce the big news, stating that the flagship store will be open in November, just in time for Christmas shopping.
H&M is a Swedish multinational retail clothing company and is the second largest global clothing retailer. Now we no longer have to shop for H&M clothes online, pay exorbitant shipping costs and wait weeks to get our items.
Now if only Selfridges, J crew and Barneys will find their way here, we will be in shopping heaven.

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