Shoppers angry after Tesco raises minimum spend for deliveries

Shoppers angry after Tesco raises minimum spend for deliveries
Tesco has angered customers by announcing that it plans to increase its minimum spend for deliveries on online orders from £25 to £40.
Any order under this limit, which applies to all orders placed after 23 July, will be subject to a £4 surcharge on top of the existing delivery charge, which ranges from £1 to £6 depending on when the goods are delivered.
The increase also affects those signed up to Tesco’s Delivery Saver scheme – where customers pay upfront for unlimited, discounted delivery for a set period of time..
The supermarket giant emailed customers on Thursday to inform them of the change.
On Twitter, shopper @BaronGraham said: ”Tesco new Delivery Saver – min. basket @£25 because too many people ordering Tesco have changed to min £40 – disgusted have cancelled!”
Another shopper, @emma_cossey said: “Email from Tesco saying minimum orders for ‘valued Delivery Saver customers’ has gone from £25 to £40. Looks like I’m no longer a customer.”
Tesco would not tell us how many shoppers are currently signed up to the Delivery Saver scheme.
It said customers who are unhappy with the changecould cancel and get a refund on any remaining months they have paid for, by calling Tesco customer services on 0800 323 4048.
A Tesco spokesperson said: “We’re changing the minimum basket spend when you shop online for your groceries to £40. Customers will still be able to benefit from a range of offers, including our Delivery Saver scheme, £1 one hour delivery slots and our free Click & Collect grocery service.”
The increase follows a similar move by its supermarket rival Asda in January this year when it upped its minimum spend from £25 to £40. Currently Sainsbury’s shoppers must spend £40 to get free delivery, including those using its delivery pass, while Waitrose customers need to spend £60 for deliveries or £40 to collect their shopping in-store without paying a charge.
Separately, Tesco also confirmed the end of its Fuel Save scheme, which offers customers up to 20p off the price of a litre of petrol, after just 16 months.
The scheme, which will not be extended or replaced, gives Clubcard holders 2p off a litre of petrol for every £50 they spend in-store, up to a maximum of 20p.
When Fuel Save launched in March 2014 the supermarket giant heralded it as being “unlike other fuel promotions, which are generally short-term and involve a one-off minimum spend”.
Customers will have until 31 August to collect vouchers, and these will need to be redeemed by September 30.
The supermarket said that while the scheme has been popular, many customers would prefer to see savings on their shopping instead and it now plans to focus on cutting prices in-store.
A spokesperson for Tesco said: “Clubcard Fuel Save has been really popular with customers, helping them to save money when fuel prices were historically high. Customers are now telling us they want simpler, more direct benefits from shopping with Tesco so that’s what we will deliver.”
On Thursday, Tesco, along with rivals Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, announced it was cutting 2p off the price of diesel.
The RAC revealed last week that, throughout the whole of June, the wholesale price of diesel was between 1p to 3p cheaper than petrol, yet a litre of diesel typically costs motorists 120p compared to 117p for unleaded petrol.

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