Apple takes over all 24 windows at Selfridges London

Apple has taken over all 24 windows at Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street, with a focus on the Apple Watch.

The windows have been designed to reflect both companies’ dedication to beauty and design. For its most personal device ever, Apple has collaborated with the world’s top department stores and speciality boutiques to provide bespoke shopping experiences focused on Apple Watch. 

Its shop-in-shop at Selfridges, which opened in April, has already featured unique window executions inspired by the Apple Watch User Interface (UI) and specifically imagined for the Selfridges environment, the most recent of which were Butterflies and Chromosphere. 

As with Apple’s first two window designs at Selfridges, this new Flowers installation draws on inspiration from the Apple Watch experience, specifically extracting Apple Watch faces. The Flowers face features eight blooming flowers set as a background with the time placed above. The window installation utilises this UI design and enlarges it on a grand scale to take over the 24 Selfridges windows. Windows have been filled with flowers ranging from 200mm – 1.8m in height, all featuring a unique configuration of the Apple Watch, including Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition. 

The installation comprises 24 large, 50 medium, 5,525 small flowers, and 240 small plus flowers. The flowers have all been hand sculpted by artists and these were used to create a master tool. From this, Apple produced the number of petals required out of vac-formed PETG, while the central stamen details have also been hand sculpted to form a tool, and then reproduced from cast resin for the large and medium flowers. The small flowers are a direct 3D scan from these and then scaled down and 3D printed. They are finished with a scenic paint teatment, with fine flocking details added before they were finally assembled. 

‘Customers love Apple Watch, our most personal product yet. We are thrilled that the flowers of the Apple Watch face have inspired such a beautiful design and to see it come to life in this amazing installation reflected in all 24 of Selfridges’ historic windows,’ says Paul Deneve, Apple’s vice president of Special Projects.

Linda Hewson, creative director at Selfridges, says: ‘We are delighted to have worked with Apple on this exclusive and exciting window scheme. Collaborating with Apple on such a large scale creative project continues our well-established tradition of inviting outstanding designers with a unique point of view to curate displays within our stores.’  


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