UAE Apple Stores to Open This Thursday! (Pictures)

Customers and fans of the half-eaten fruit will get a full Apple experience when the company’s first stores open in the UAE this Thursday, October 29, according to a senior vice president of retail and online stores at Apple, Angela Ahrendts, reported an article in
“The retail stores are simply to give customers another experience, [Customers] can all buy online, they can all buy through our partners, but then they have wonderful retail stores where they can come to and do workshops, [to] be further educated on their products,” said Angela, from the company headquarters in Cupertine, California.
So, what can customers expect in the Dubai stores? The Dubai store is being designed with the unique concept of trees inside. Angela says, “The trees just make it cooler and warmer, [with] all of the little dabs of colour that come from them. So hopefully it will be a more calming experience versus the more hectic experience that we get in many of our flagship cities.”
She said Apple wants the environment to be calmer and more inviting and to be more locally relevant, reported the article. “It’s a big, philosophical part of the evolution of Apple retail,” adds Angela. 
While the basic design will have the same iconic hallmarks, such as the big oak table, glass counters, certain features will make the environment more warm and dynamic. 
Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6s was launched in the UAE on October 9. 


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