Justin Bieber Announces Affordable Forever 21 Clothing Line

Warning to the planet: you’ll soon see a bunch of kids decked out in the same clothes as Justin Bieber.

This may or may not be a good thing depending on how you look at it… or if you’re a Belieber.
The 22-year-old singer just announced a collaboration with Forever 21.
The store will start selling his line of Purpose merchandise later this month.
“We are pleased to partner with Justin Bieber and Bravado [a music merchandising company] to celebrate one of the most influential musicians of this generation,” Linda Chang, Forever 21 vice president of merchandising, told Women’s Wear Daily. “This collection will give our customers and Justin Bieber fans access to one of the most in-demand merchandise lines in the world.”
The good news for those who like Biebs and his style – it is completely affordable for the average Forever 21 shopper.
Unlike his Barney’s collab which saw pieces retailing for $95 and more, Forever 21 & Bieber will range from $18-$35.
The line features eight exclusive pieces including oversize sleeveless, short-sleeve and long-sleeve tees with either Justin’s face or “Justin Forever.”
They go on sale MONDAY August 22 online and in-stores Friday, August 29!
This might make up for the fact that Bieber deleted his Instagram upsetting fans all over the world… MIGHT!

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