Adidas Originals London flagship gets a makeover

The Adidas Originals flagship store in London has undergone a revamp with a localised twist to make it uniquely relevant to London. StudioXAG designed and implemented two long-term dwell areas within the store, adding authentic elements of familiarity to the store as well as encouraging the local consumer to spend more time in the store.
Taking reference from the iconic housing estates of the city, StudioXAG brought the outside in with reclaimed chimney pots used as planters and even a piece of the London streets in the form of the reclaimed pavement light repurposed as a coffee table.

Sourced mid-century British furniture, phone charging facilities and local magazines offer an inviting retreat from the busy streets of Soho. 

Other subtle nods to London include the rubber flooring from the Victoria Line tube used as tabletops outside the fitting rooms, as well as cushions made from the London Underground moquette fabric. The team even had a blue plaque especially produced for the store, referencing the English Heritage plaques commonly found across the city.

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