Huawei opens doors to it’s Dubai Mall store

Huawei announced the opening of its first ‘Experience Store’ at Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates. The store offers consumers a full retail experience, which includes access to Huawei’s latest products and services under one roof. All new products will now be available for pre-booking and sale at the same time as its global launch.

We spoke to David Wang, UAE Country Manager at the launch and he told TechRadar that the reason behind the store was to give Huawei fans a better experience of Huawei products as well as a place to communicate with fans of the brand.

According to Wang, the strategy of opening the store is a long-term one and the Dubai Mall store is the first of the five stores that Huawei plans to open across the UAE. More stores are planned in the GCC with Saudi Arabia likely being the next country. Mr. Wang also mentioned that for this store in Dubai Mall, Huawei has partnered with Axiom.

When we asked Wang if the Huawei Experience Store will carry any exclusive products, he said that it won’t. He did mention that the store will carry the full range of Huawei products that will be released in the UAE but the idea behind it is for consumers to learn more about Huawei’s brand and products and not create competition with local partners and retailers.

The Huawei Experience Store is open daily from 10am – 11pm, Sunday to Saturday, and is located next to the metro link corridor on Level 2 of The Dubai Mall. It is currently taking preorders for the Mate 10 Pro which will be available from the 13th of November in the store.

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