Victoria Beckham reverses decision to furlough fashion brand staff

The company now believes it can navigate the Covid-19 crisis without drawing on government assistance

Victoria Beckham has made a U-turn on her decision to furlough staff at her fashion label during the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer turned fashion designer, 46, had previously placed 30 members of staff on the government furlough scheme, meaning they would receive 80 per cent of their wages from a taxpayer-funded pot.

Beckham has paused her own salary entirely during the Covid-19 crisis.

A spokeswoman for Victoria Beckham Ltd said: “Victoria Beckham Ltd has been working hard to protect its people and, while adjusting to the impact of Covid-19 and the Government lockdown, our decision to furlough a small number of our staff seemed the most appropriate option in keeping with many other businesses.

The situation is dynamic and, with the support of our shareholders, we now believe we can navigate through this crisis without drawing from the Government furlough scheme.

“Our application was made in the best interests of trying to protect our staff, and that is still our absolute focus.

“We are doing everything we can to ensure we can achieve that without using Government assistance.”

The reversal comes after the former Spice Girl came under fire for using the government scheme, with Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan branding her a “pampered prima donna millionairess,” despite Beckham reportedly having intended to top up the remaining 20 per cent of wages herself.

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