Gymshark restructures international business, 121 jobs at risk

Gymshark is set to make redundancies in its international business

Gymshark is set to make redundancies in its international business

Gymshark is set to make redundancies as part of a restructure of its international business, with 121 jobs at risk.

The roles on the line are global and are subject to a consultation process, which will take place before the end of Gymshark’s financial year on 31 July, 2022.

The restructure is designed to “to create commercial accountability within the appropriate geography and ensure customer strategies are being driven by local experts, knowledge and data,” Gymshark told Drapers.

The retailer said the changes would “bring improved cross functional working; guarantee localised accountability, remove duplication and ensure efficiency in teams, process and systems; making certain that the necessary skills are in the right place to give the business the best possible opportunity to grow globally and be the 100-year brand we truly believe we can be”. 

However, Gymshark pointed out that the proposals will also lead to 100 new roles being created and the business said it will seek to offer as many of these new roles to its current staff where it is appropriate to do so.

Gymshark staff were told of the news by founder Ben Francis this afternoon.

Francis added: “This was an incredibly difficult decision to come to and we know that this will be upsetting for our people. These proposals are subject to consultation and no decision has been made about how we will ultimately proceed. 

“Our immediate priority is to help and support those at risk through this process and do what we can to best set them up for the future.

“We want to stress that this is absolutely no reflection on the quality of work, character or professionalism of those people affected and we will be doing all we can to help them demonstrate their skills and expertise.”

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