SA consumers vote Edgars as icon brand

Johannesburg – Edgars has been appointed winner in a number of categories in 2014’s Target Group International (TGI) Icon Brand Survey – the largest consumer survey of its kind in Africa.

The Icon Brand Survey had over 15 000 consumers interviewed across socioeconomic levels. Edgars has been selected by consumers as Best Mens Store, Best Ladies store, Best Jewellery Store and Best Loyalty Card.

According to TGI, iconic brands are ubiquitous and quintessentially South African. South Africans of all races, creed, or colour, irrespective of background or living standard, use them.

These brands define a common experience, often on a daily basis, to which South Africans are committed.

According to the TGI website, South Africans love these brands and are loyal to them, even looking for them when abroad.

“It is thanks to our customers that Edgars has been recognised as South Africa’s brand icon in four categories,” said Edcon Group CEO Jurgen Schreiber.


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