Number of large malls in South Africa estimated to grow to 180 by 2016

HARDLY a month has gone by this year without construction starting on yet another new mall or a newly completed one opening its doors. In fact, at least 25 new shopping centres, each one exceeding 30,000m² in size, are expected to be added to the market between 2013 and 2016, according to figures from the... Continue Reading →

R140 million Victoria Wharf Construction at V&A Waterfront completed

Undertaking an extensive expansion programme while minimising the impact on an estimated 24 million visitors per annum is no small feat. In a R140 million upgrade to its Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre, the V&A Waterfront has managed to not only improve its retail trade performance over the nine month construction period, but also increase the... Continue Reading →

Inditex’s renovation of Lefties

Lefties, owned by Spanish parent company Inditex, once stated out as an outlet store for left over stock from Zara, now appears to be in the process of reinventing its brand image. Although Lefties first began selling last season Zara stock, hence the name origin from the phrase 'left over,' little by little the name... Continue Reading →

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