Chanel to begin selling eyewear online

New York – Earlier this year, Chanel announced that they would begin e-commerce operations in 2016. It was news that was met with applause by the fashion industry, and as it was announced on April 1 (April Fool’s Day), many were hesitant to believe the news was even true. Before the legendary French fashion house takes a full dive into e-commerce, however, they decided that they would begin testing the waters first.
Chanel takes first step into e-commerce

Though no specific dates have begin as to when, later this year, Chanel will begin selling eyewear online as the first of their e-commerce offerings. Chanel’s foray into e-commerce is a sign that other luxury brands won’t be able to hold out for much long. While many luxury brands, such as Celine, believe that e-commerce cheapens the exclusivity of a brand, luxury goods are in a slow growth period, because not even they were spared from the winter of discontent.
Now is as good a time as any to turn to as many ways to make your brand as shop able as possible. With the recent trend of mobile commerce becoming a thing to, for a brand to not be accessible either e-commerce wise or mobile wise could lead to stagnant and lagging sales numbers as time goes on. While nothing can ever compare to that experience of going into a designer boutique and selecting those perfect pair of Chanel sunglasses you’ve dreamed about since you began your designer sunglasses collection, e-commerce can sometimes be more convenient for those who don’t have time to shop or don’t have as many mall and boutique options due to their geographic location.
Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Chanel Fashion, has said of Chanel’s first dip into e-commerce that it’s about “creating a luxury experience, as only Chanel can do.” For Pavlovsky, Chanel’s entrance into e-commerce is not about trying to boost sales numbers, but, rather, raising service levels so Chanel’s clients have the highest level of satisfaction. Pavlovsky stressed that digital is an excellent way for customers to find out when collections become available in store.
They plan to begin harmonizing global prices starting in 2016 when they take their full dive into e-commerce. They are hoping that e-commerce will help them better understand and cater to their customers needs. For those who have been marking away the days on the calendar until Chanel launches e-commerce your wait for eyewear just got shorter.

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